Student Activities Unit



The open ceremony of the meeting between Mr. Dean and College Students

College of Science and Humanitieswin the deanship Cup


Activities is a supporting student ingredients during his studies, and through the development of a variety of good programs, and is one of the means to achieve the goals and objectives of education, it contributes to the student / student create to meet the burdens of life after graduation, and that involving them in programs that are compatible with the educational process and supported to reflect interaction between the college and the environment and the community college to become an important source for the dissemination of religious, scientific, social and cultural awareness and contributing to the achievement of its objectives. Objectives of the activities:Work on the composition of the student's personality / integrated and balanced student.Helping to acquire knowledge in various fields.Deepening Islamic values ​​and social sound.Take advantage of the leisure time of students in meaningful and useful software.Creativity and innovation development.Work on the discovery of capacity and skills development and guiding proper guidance.Giving and the development of social skills such as skills of communication and dealing with others.Teamwork and learn to take responsibility.