Communication skills

  Objectives of the course:

The course aims to develop the communication skills of the students, and the application of those skills in their academic and practical.

Education Outcomes:

Presumably the student after studying for this course to be led on the area.
  1. Recognize the importance of communication for university students.
  2. Distinguish between forms of communication (verbal and non-verbal.).
  3. Employing the elements of the message force in communicating with others.
  4. Positive Employment communication media.
  5. Application of psychological and physical transmission skills in dealing with others.
  6. The distinction between communication skills and transceiver.
  7. Improve communication skills with the self.
  8. Activating skills accommodate differences and cultural systems of internal community Aforeig- when communicating with others.
  9. Employ diction and rhetoric methods in university life.
  10. The application of effective strategies for dumping
  11. Hiring etiquette address the charge in the university environment