Muharram 1441
18 September 2019

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Under the patronage of the Dean, Dr. Mohammed Al-Shehri, the Vice-Dean’s Office for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research at the CCSI held in collaboration with the Engineering and Applied Science Research Center, a workshop to present the faculty member funded research.
Attended by Dr. Abdullah Al-Muheisen, Head of the Center alongside with all members, Dr. Ali Al-Hamdan, Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, kicked off the workshop in the presence of Dr. Talal Al-Harbi, Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs and heads of departments, as well the participation of a number of faculty members from female campus through virtual classes.
Dr. Saleh Hairdy presented his research with the title "Automatic Vision-based Student Score Sheet Capturing System" followed by a research entitled " Convective flows of fractionalized nanofluids" by Dr. Asifa Tassaddiq. Finally Dr. Assin Yhumaira gave a presentation about his research entitled "Newtonian fluid flows in channel with peristalsis-Non ".
The workshop was wrapped up by a session where faculty members inquired about the research funding and its requirements, in addition, to suggestion for further improvements.