Vision, Mission and Values


  • Provide services such as monitoring their attendance and encourage them for regular and on-time presence.

  • Help building the students’ character and develop their ability to face problems.

  • Educate students about their rights.

  • Provide academic, social and preventive counselling services.


  • CCIS student services and rights Unit contributes to the mission and vision of CCIS by providing high quality student support services in a stimulating environment for our diverse students.

  • Inform students to the objectives of direction and guidance, plans, program and services related to the students services and rights unit and build productive professional relationships with students through peer-to-peer counselling, workshops and awareness.

  • Inform CCIS students about the appropriate conditions that help them to achieve the care and solving individual and collective problems and take care of their abilities and interests and achieve their needs and achieve the appropriate growth for the next phase of their stage.

  • Inform the students about their rights as CCIS students

  • Participation in the preparation of the annual report on the college regarding the unit.


  • EXCELLENCE: in achieving students’ academic goals.

  • CARING: by all staff for those we serve.

  • INTEGRITY: in our interactions with students, colleagues, and ourselves.

  • COLLABORATION: between all stakeholders to ensure collective wisdom and knowledge.

  • CULTURAL SENSITIVITY: value and respect our student, staff, and visitors regardless of cultural background, race, gender, religion or disability.