Computer Science Department

Degree Requirements

In order to earn the degree from Computer Science Department at Majmaah University, the student must complete the following requirements:


The Foundation year requirements core courses provide students with preparatory courses in fundamental skills that are needed to successful enter the Bachelor of Science program in Computer Science.  Student in this year learn study intensive English courses along with basic computer skills and introduction to mathematics and physics.  The University requirements consist of several Islamic and Arabic courses with some liberal arts and general elective courses.  The mathematics, sciences and programming requirements, which constitute the college requirements, provide students with strong analytical and scientific foundation and the main computer and information sciences fundamentals. The computer science core courses provide students with integrated computer engineering knowledge and training in various areas of programming languages, computer graphics, algorithm design and analysis, artificial intelligence, compilers, software engineering, human computer interactions, networks security, and database management systems. The program provides students in their fifth year of study with an option of two computer science specialized track. The first track is the Software Engineering track where students take advance courses in design and architecture of large software systems, low-level design of software, software modeling and analysis, software project management, software evolution, and software architectures. The second track is the Computer Security in which students take advance courses in coding and information theory, security management, computer security, formal methods for cryptography, Internet security tools and techniques, and network management security. The third track is Artificial Intelligence, in which students will have the opportunity to study computer vision, intelligent agents, machine learning, natural language processing, robotics and selected topics in AI. The fourth track is Data Science, in which student will be taught introduction to data science, big data analytics, probability statistics for data science, data visualization, selected topics in data science.