The primary aim of the bachelor of science in information technology at the College of Computer Science and Information is to develop students’ skills to be competent in information technology to help users, both individuals and organizations, in assessing the needs and solving problems as well as implementing information technology effectively in a workplace characterized with rapidly changing technology. The program also enriches students’ knowledge in selective areas of information technology such as database management, visual programming, multimedia, web design, systems integration, intelligent systems, data transmission, computer networks, systems management and maintenance, cloud computing, information management and storage technology, project engineering and systems design, infrastructure environment, network servers, global information management, networking Mobile and wireless, web development and content management systems and mobile applications. Furthermore, students learn how assessing current and emerging technologies, identifying user needs, designing, implementing, configuring and managing user-friendly interfaces; assessing their impact on individuals, organizations and society. There are four tracks for the program; (1) Network and System Management (2) Web and Multimedia Applications" (3) Digital Forensics (4) Cyber Security.