About the Unit

Student Activities are an important hub to fully achieve the goals of the educational process. On this basis the university seeks to provide many activities designed to support, refine, and develop the personality of the student. The administration of student activities in the deanship of student affairs conduct cultural, awareness-related, religious, artistic, sport, social and scientific activities which seek to care for students behavior at university by implementing well studied programs which aim in turn to develop the spirit of responsibility and belonging in students and so create a suitable environment through their active participation in one of those activities. The student activities unit tries to provide opportunity for the largest possible number of students willing to participate in extra-curricular activities by caring for their talents and taking their ideas into account by implementing them which helps in discovering their abilities and potentials  and which will by consequence help in directing and containing them. Student activities are a collective work by no means dependent on a single individual and its success depends on the effort and participation of the team and the competence of its leaders