Vision, Mission and Goals


To make CCSI among the pioneer colleges in e-learning and distance education by activating D2L system, which is considered an integrated system responsible for managing electronic educational processes including admission and registration, placement tests, registration for courses, course management, assignments, exams etc.


Activate the e-learning and distance education system at CCSI and to ensure that the college benefits from the D2L system provided by the Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education.


  • Activate the e-learning and distance education system at CCSI
  • Ensure that faculty members can login the e-learning and distance education system
  • Ensure all faculty members’ course are registered in the e-learning system
  • Solve all problems facing faculty members with the e-learning system
  • Coordinate the correspondence between CCSI and the Deanship of E-Learning.
  • Register faculty members in training courses for the system of e-learning
  • Provide help to students on how to deal with the e-learning system
  • Provide technical support services to faculty members.
  • Coordinate with the Deanship of E-Learning to conduct training courses at the college
  • Technical support