Vision, Mission and Values


  • Focus on technology and used to benefit the institution and the community.

  • To provide state of art infrastructure including computers, projectors, software and printers.

  • To provide licensed software and research environment to faculty and students of CCIS.


  • All labs are equipped with well-maintained computer equipment, with technical assistance from experienced instructors, to aid students and staffs in gaining the needed skills to meet the technical challenges of their educational programs and an ever more technical work environment.

  • CCIS Laboratory Unit contributes to the mission and vision of CCIS by providing high quality academic support services in a stimulating environment for our diverse students.

  • To provide an outstanding laboratory environment, seamlessly integrating research and education to produce future world class leaders and critical thinkers in advanced technology and sustainability.

  • To empower all students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in a digital world

  • To inspire creativity and to promote lifelong learning in an exciting, safe and caring environment.


  • EXCELLENCE: in technology and consultative services.

  • CARING: by all staff for those we serve.

  • INTEGRITY: in our interactions with students, colleagues, and ourselves.

  • COLLABORATION: between all stakeholders to ensure collective wisdom and knowledge.

  • CULTURAL SENSITIVITY: value and respect our student, staff, and visitors regardless of cultural background, race, gender, religion or disability.