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Cisco Academy

About Cisco Networking Academy

The inauguration of the Cisco Networking Academy came commensurately with the inauguration of the college in order to start the implementation of the College Strategy to include professional tracks in the study plans of various disciplines. It was also out of the belief of the college that these kinds of professional partnerships have a significant role in boosting students' level to enter into the world of digital economy sharing with more than one million students around the world who every year join the academy. The academy also has a role in increasing the readiness of students to enter the labor market in the field of information and network technology after graduation directly, raising the quality of teaching and learning outcomes at the college level, and the certification of a number of faculty members specialized in this area, which all have a significant role in serving Majmaah community and surrounding areas.

Curriculum and Technical Equipment:

The Academy is working on training students on programs specifically designed for academic tracks and internationally certified by global actors and companies. The academy relies on the curriculum of Networking Academy online using integrated tools for learning in partnership with the College of Computer and Information Sciences. Cisco provides curriculum, the basic learning system, support resources, while the College assign the trainers, provides the hardware, and enrolls students. Hence, lectures are offered to students in a network laboratory equipped with integrated networking devices to simulate reality and designed to cater for the experiments set by the curriculum of the Cisco Academy. The college offers these curricula through 3 elective professional courses (professional elective course 1, professional elective course 2, professional elective course 3,). These curricula are characterized by the following:

  • A modern curriculum, which was designed by a group of experts in the educational trainings.
  • The curriculum contains laboratory exercises and practical activities over the Internet to apply and practice skills that are learned in theory.
  • The training uses the Cisco Packet Tracer tool provided by Cisco، to simulate the network configuration، used in teaching، practice games، and team building
  • The curriculum contains guides for students and trainers، forums for groups of the same interest، and trainers to support professional development.
  • The curriculum includes innovative online evaluation tools imbedded within the tutorials، simulations, text questions, and reviews are based on the questions.

Course Types:

The training courses provided by Cisco Academy help students to develop technical dexterity and instills in them proper critical thinking skills as well as the skill of troubleshooting problems and solving them. Cisco invest in global research to determine where new job opportunities real grow and explore the skills needed by the staff to qualify for these opportunities

1. Training courses under the supervision of expert faculty members:

  • Study is carried by expert teaching staff in college classroom and the course content is available online for students and trainees at any time.
  • Students are given the chance to practice what they learn on real equipment and devices using the Cisco Packet Tracer simulation tool.
  • Preparation for the certificate, posts for junior level, and advanced study are offered.
  • The courses offered under the supervision of faculty members include the following: IT Essentials, CCNA Routing and Switching, CCNA Security and CCNP.

2. Self-learning Courses:

  • Can be followed online at any stage during the academic study process.
  • The student can decide for the beginning and end of the training course.
  • Ability to expand the scope of employment opportunities thanks to insights and professional information from experts.
  • To learn more about self-learning courses:

Worth mentioning Figures

  • There are more than 9,500 educational institutions using the Academy's curriculum to enhance their career development programs
  • More than 6 million people joined the Networking Academy and became part of a force of change in the digital economy since 1997
  • There are more than one million students participating in the Academy annually, of which 1.3 million students have already gained new jobs between 2005 and 2014.

To access the academic portal please click here and for a quick access please scan the image below:

For more information about the Academy, the training programs offered and the registration methods, please contact the Academic Officer, Mr. Rahim Khan, at [email protected] or 0164046737