Vision, Mission and Values


  • To provide hands-on experience in using the latest technologies

  • To provide knowledge of implementing state of the art technology for the benefit of the university and the community

  • Providing comprehensive support to students to enrich their academic growth.


  • Providing high quality and effective services to support students' educational and professional goals.

  • Facilitating student's academic and mental development through extracurricular programs and activities in line with the University's vision and mission.

  • To partner with communities to impact and promote social, economic, and cultural development

  • We inspire and empower a diverse body of students to be active citizens who apply their knowledge to transform their communities and the world.


  • Learning: Inculcating pear learning for students technological upbringing

  • Discovery: Providing discovery of knowledge using different platforms in technology and human mindset.

  • Creativity: Supporting aspirations and creativity of the individual and community at large

  •  Engagement: Engaging students in the development of technology-rich culture and supporting the community at large