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Unit Structure

The unit consists of eight members including 6 male faculty members and 2 female faculty members.


Unit Members

  • Dr. Ahmed Abo-Bakr Mohamed , Chair
  • Dr. Aiman Albarakati , Member
  • Dr. Shailendra Mishra, Member
  • Dr. Jayadev Gyani, Member
  • Dr. Sunil Kumar Sharma, Member
  • Dr. Ahmed Farghaly, Member
  • Dr. Walaa Ali, Member
  • Ms. Ghada Al-Jarallah, Member


NameE-MailPhone Extension
Dr. Ahmed Abo-Bakr Mohamed [email protected] 01-6404-6715
Dr. Aiman Albarakati [email protected] 01-6404-6733
Dr. Shailendra Mishra [email protected] 01-6404-6725
Dr. Jayadev Gyani [email protected] 01-6404-6741
Dr. Sunil Kumar Sharma [email protected] 01-6404-6725
Dr. Ahmed Farghaly [email protected] 01-6404-6714
Dr. Walaa Ali [email protected] 01-6404-5376
Ms. Ghada Al-Jarallah [email protected]