Graduation Requirements:

To earn a bachelor degree in computer science at Majmaah University, students should meet the following requirements:
- Common first year requirements
- The university requirements
- The college requirements
- Core courses requirements
- Elective courses requirements
- Summer internship
During the common first year, students learn the necessary skills to be able to register and take admission in the bachelor degree of computer science. Students also study intensive courses in English language, essentials of computer and introduction to mathematics and physics. Besides, students need to take prerequisite courses such as Arabic language, Islamic Education and arts. The college requirements ( Math, science and programming) provide students with solid analytical and scientific essentials.
The core courses offered as requirements of the bachelor degree of computer science develop students’ knowledge in computer engineering with a training in different fields such as programming, computer drawing, design and analysis of algorithm, artificial intelligence, software engineering, network security and data base management systems.
At level five, students can choose of two study programs in computer science. The first one is software engineering. In this track, students will take advanced courses in Design and Architecture of Large Software Systems, Low-Level Design of Software, Software Project Management, Software Evolution (Maintenance) and Software Architectures.
The second track is network security and students take advanced courses in Coding and Information Theory, Security Management, Computer Security, Formal Methods for Cryptography, Internet Security, tools & techniques and Network Management and Security.