CCIS Students Visit Advanced Electronics Company

Within the framework of professional partnership that the College of Computer and Information Sciences seeks to establish as a way to allow students the chance to have first- hand knowledge  of real and practical life and mixing hence theory and practice, a number of CCIS students in coordination with the students affairs unit  paid a visit to the Advanced Electronics Company. AEC  ranks among the economic balance firms and manufactures top technology devices in the fields of defense and communications. The CCIS delegation led by Mr. Ahmad Hussain, head of the Student Affairs Unit, were given an expansive idea  about the latest technologies and devices built in the factory such as digital electronic electricity meter, tablets, and the  radio panther. After the theoretical overview the delegation visited at a second stage  the company’s factory and by the end of the visit a shield of remembrance was granted  to the Advanced Electronics Company as a token of gratitude from the staff and students of the college.

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Sunday, 28/June/2020