Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
26 October 2020

CCIS Academic Advising Unit holds a students' meeting entitled "The Path with Your Academic Advisor" for the academic year 1439/1440 AH

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Upon the directive of Dr. Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al Shehri, Dean of the College, the Academic Advising Unit, held a meeting with students entitled "The Path with Your Academic Advisor". The meeting focused on the importance of academic advising in the university life of students in addition to the role of the academic advisor as a consultant to students. In this regard, the attendees highlighted the importance of the students themselves in the success of the academic advising process. The students were then presented with the different tasks of the academic advising unit as well as the facilitations the unit offers to both students and academic advisors at the college.
The meeting ended with an open discussion to identify the obstacles faced by students in the process of academic advising and registration, and proposals for their development and improvement. A questionnaire was distributed to measure students 'satisfaction with academic advising and registration services and the initial results showed students' satisfaction with the mentioned services.