Rabi Al-Thani 1442
25 November 2020

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The formation of scientifically and educationally skilled cadres and the continuous development of their skills in addition to facilitating the procedures of their scholarship to international universities of established academic and research renown.



Following up scholarship holders via annual reports and providing scientific departments with necessary information to prepare strategic plans concordant with the plan of Majmaah University and training new faculty members, lecturers and teaching assistants for the teaching process.



  • Following up the scholarship holder locally and abroad.
  • Recommending what the unity deems appropriate in the light of the annual scholarship plan.
  • Suggesting general scholarship and training policy after coordination with different college departments.
  • Suggesting the annual scholarship and training policy of college affiliates upon coordination with competent parties in the college and submitting such policy to the college council to make necessary decisions.
  • Recommending the extension or termination of the scholarship and training upon suggestions from departments' councils and reports from external supervisors  and Saudi cultural bureaus abroad.
  • Suggesting the annual policy of new faculty members, lecturers and TA's training to prepare them for the teaching process in coordination with the Deanship of Quality and Skills Development.
  • Preparing a detailed annual report on the status of scholarship and training at the level of departments and submitting to the college council for study and decision making.