Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
23 October 2020

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To be a leading and distinguished college, in the practice of e-learning and distance learning at university level which is an integrated system in charge of the management of the educational process by activating the D2L system. The D2L system includes registration, assessment of learners to decide the level of the learner and its category. The system allows also enrollment and management of courses and assignments, follow up of learners, management of exams and monitoring of synchronous and asynchronous communication tools.



The committee aims to activate the integrated e-learning applications and interactive e-learning environment-learning inside the college of computer science and information technology, and benefits from deanship of e-learning services.


  • Activation of electronic and distance learning system at the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences

  • Ensure that members of the faculty can access the e-learning system

  • Ensure that all lectures of faculty members are uploaded to the D2L system

  • Solve all the problems faculty members face with D2L

  • Coordinate communication between the College of Computer and Information Sciences and deanship of electronic learning

  • Enrollment of faculty members in D2L training sessions

  • Provide help for students with regard to electronic and distance learning system

  • Coordination with deanship of electronic and distance learning to provide training programs on the system within the college

  • Provide technical support services to faculty members with respect to rooms, platforms and other hardware problems

  • Technical Support