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25 October 2020

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Research Committee

The current Research Council is nominated for the period 2014-2015. The Committee is chaired by the Dean of the College. A senior faculty as the secretary of the Committee


The tasks of the Research Committee are:

  • to support the Dean in directing and monitoring the implementation of the College’s research strategy
  • to implement the College's strategy and plan of action, and to support the University's management and units in the development of research
  • to oversee the quality and ethical integrity in research
  • to prepare research related matters at the College level for decision-making processes
  • maintaining debate on research ethics at the college
  • promotes and supervises the realisation of ethical research education in the college and gives advice on issues related to research ethics
  • follows and presents the international development in the field of research ethics
  • crosschecking of the published papers for the similarity index