Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020

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Duties & Tasks

  • The coordinator (male/female) is responsible for the unit of student affairs and heads the committee made of members and a secretary.
  • Distributing tasks on secretary and members.
  • Planning events and activities
  • Budgeting the Unit and the activities
  • Follow up of financial and accountancy affairs
  • Creating a manual for the unit.
  • Setting up a biannual plan for activities, costs and number of hours
  • Writing a biannual report
  • Recruiting  students
  • Supervising the marketing process
  • Supervising students work
  • Coordinating and contacting executives and the deanship of student affairs
  • Following up of student clubs and making sure on compliance with standards
  • Attending student meetings
  • Answering messages sent to unit of student affairs
  • Supervising student clubs elections
  • Appointing an academic supervisor for each student

Duties of secretary & members of the unit

  • The secretary and members work under the authority of the head of the unit
  • Follow up of activities
  • Write minutes of meetings
  • Coordinating meetings and booking meeting rooms
  • Organize activities
  • Photographing
  • Archiving and organizing bills
  • Updating students data
  • Prepare meeting’s agenda
  • Distributing announcements on activities and informing students about them
  • Marketing