Unit Structure

The committee consists of six members from the faculty staffs. Three from male campus and three from female campus.


Unit Members

  • Mr. Ahsan Ahmed, Chair
  • Dr. Ahmad Raza Khan, Member
  • Mr. Hamad Al Hadyan, Member
  • Ms. Ruhi Fatima, Member
  • Ms. Samah AlShiha, Member
  • Ms. Rana AlSunaifi, Member



Mr. Ahsan Ahmed [email protected] 01-6404-6737
Dr. Ahmad Raza Khan [email protected] 01-6404-6724
Mr. Hamad Al Hadyan [email protected] 01-6404-6790
Ms. Ruhi Fatima, Member [email protected] 01-6404-5372
Ns. Samah AlShiha [email protected] 01-6404-5385
Ms. Rana AlSunaifi [email protected] 01-6404-5399