About Unit

The Laboratory Unit at CCIS has been a center of excellence for programmers (Students/Teachers), researchers, theory, and practice since its founding. The establishment of Laboratory Unit is to provides a clean, peaceful, and comfortable study area, with adequate resources; seating, computer equipment, Internet access, and available computer assistance to enable students to successfully complete their course work at CCIS.

Unit provides an easy access to the technology resources that will fuel an environment of professional development in the Institution.

Access to laboratory is controlled by Biometric thumb impression time attendance machines. Students can visit the Laboratories at any time. Lab assistants are available to provide personal assistance in the use of computers and their applications during college hours. The Lab Coordinator provides technical support for all computer classroom activity in the CCIS building. The coordinator is frequently called upon to assist with technical issues in College premises.

Here at CCIS, we have a dual operating system lab (MAC and Windows). Each workstation is connected to Majmaah University domain. The total numbers of labs are 7 which are listed below:

1) General Purpose Lab 2) Database Lab 3) Computer Networks Lab 4) Robotics Lab 5) Image Processing Lab 6) Engineering Lab 7) Physics Lab

Complete details for each lab is attached with this document.

In addition to computers and electronic equipment, each lab is equipped with a smart board, projector, teaching unit (PC and Sound System).

The laboratories at CCIS are available for students/teachers and their classes to access valuable educational software including the Innovation Center. They are also used for conducting online exams and will be provided for training on request.