Jumada Al-Awwal 1441
24 January 2020

CCIS Holds a Meeting on Free Training Courses Qualifying for Professional Certificates in "Networks, Programming and Cloud Computing" for the academic year 1439/1440 AH

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Last Modified Thu, 2018/09/27 - 13:44

The College of Computer and Information Sciences announced the opening of registration in many specialized vocational courses to help students acquire professional skills in specific areas of specialization during the current academic semester. The training as well as the material will be provided by the college academies with the participation of several accredited trainers.  It is worth noting that these training courses are offered within the framework of the College's efforts to qualify its students to obtain career opportunities matching their ambitions by qualifying them to gain the professional qualifications required by the labor market.

In this regard, the college held an introductory meeting with students wishing to register for the evening training courses to qualify for professional certification in Microsoft, Cisco and VMware. The meeting conveners presented the training courses offered during the current semester, the certificates to be obtained as well as the registration mechanisms procedures. It is worth noting that the College offers these courses to its students at all levels of study.