Student Advisory Council

Student Advisory Council for College of Computer and Information Sciences

The changes that take place in the student community pushes the university to give more confidence to students to promote a culture of leadership in solving intra as well as extra mural problems. The formation of the Student Advisory Council is an opportunity to realize ambitions and strengthen communication between the college and students creating hence a university environment that enables creativity and excellence.


Aspire for the best student services through their participation in suggesting solutions to problems. Contribute to the creation of a distinguished environment which makes of CCIS a model of supporting students in various fields at the level of Majmaah University.


Work to involve outstanding student competencies in the decision-making process and to contribute to the development of the educational, academic and service process.

Objectives of the CCIS Student Advisory Council

  • Enhancing the spirit of cooperation and the culture of teamwork among students
  • Promoting a culture of dialogue and respect for other's opinion
  • Providing students with the opportunity to assume the responsibilities of planning, implementation, follow-up and evaluation of all student activities and services under the supervision of the College Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs
  • Strengthening communication between college and students, which will contribute to the improvement of the educational and learning process in college
  • Taking care and follow-up of students issues, and work on solving problems in cooperation with the Higher Student Advisory Council of the Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs.

Duties and Competences of the CCIS Student Advisory Council Members:

Chairman of Student Advisory Council:

  • Representing the Council before the executive bodies of the University
  • Call for the meetings of the student advisory council in college
  • Chairing the meetings of the student advisory council at the college
  • Distribution of tasks between members
  • Follow up the adoption of correspondences and documents issued by the Council
  • Follow up the implementation of the recommendations of the Advisory Council after being approved by the relevant parties of the University vice rectorate for Academic Affairs

Vice Chairman of Student Advisory Council:

  • Assisting the chairman of the Student Advisory Council and carrying out the tasks entrusted to him by the latter
  • Carry out the duties of the chairman during his absence

Trustee of Student Advisory Council:

  • Announce the meetings of the Student Advisory Council
  • Communicate with students to prepare the agenda
  • Prepare the agenda of the Student Advisory Council meetings
  • Write minutes of meetings
  • Keep documents of Council meetings

Members of the Student Advisory Council:

  • Each member is considered the official representative of the department they belong to
  • Members attend all meetings of the Advisory Council and participate actively in them
  • The Members support the role of the Council in achieving the objectives for which it was set

Council Membership Candidacy Procedures:

  • CCIS announces the opening of direct candidacy for the membership of the Council at the level of the scientific departments at the beginning of the study
  • CCIS announces the names of the students nominated by each scientific department, to be elected as representatives of the scientific departments
  • Student advisory councils at CCIS are formed by a decision of the Dean of the College. The minutes are submitted to the Higher Student Advisory Council of the University Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs

Council Meetings:

  • The Council meets monthly and may meet exceptionally at the request of its Chairman, or the request of not less than half of its members
  • The meeting of the council shall be legitimate if attended by more than half of its members. In the event of non-completion, the meeting shall be held one hour after the original date if attended by at least three students, in addition to the chairman or vice chairman
  • The Council shall take its decisions by a majority of the votes. In case of equality of votes the chairman's, side shall prevail
  • Secret voting may be used on subjects in which the majority of members consider secret voting
  • The duration of the Council is one academic year. The Vice-rector for Educational Affairs may extend it in the same format for another year
  • In case the membership of any of the members falls, alternative students are nominated on the basis of the same regulations

Members of the Student Advisory Council


Dr. Mohammed Al-Shehri (Dean)

Vice chairman Vice Dean (Academic Affairs), College of Computer and Information Sciences


Student candidates (2 for each program)


A student member to be nominated by the chairman

Members of the Council for the academic year 1438/1439 H


  Dr. Mohammed Al-Shehri (Dean)  


Vice chairman   Dr. Talal Abdi Al harbi