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Engineering College Guide 3rd Edition 2019

Program's Quality System Manual 2nd Edition 2019

Guide to edugate

BlackBoard Tutorial

Materials_on_Blackboard 1

Materials_on_Blackboard 2

Getting Started With Course Delivery - Day1

Academic Advising Day


CE Regulations

Ethics code for faculty

Medical and Involuntary Student Excuses

GPA Calculation

Senior Exit Interview

Final-exam instructions

Exam Regulations

Course Registration Regulations

Senior Design Rules

Regulations of Academic Advising


CE Forms

Annual Program Report Evaluation Form

Course Report Evaluation Form

Course Specifications Evaluation Form

Program Specification Evaluation Form


QMS Evaluation Report

Transfer Credit Course Equivalency Form for Engineering Students

Declaration of major form

Add Drop Form , Course Registration Regulations

Track Selection Form

Reevaluate an exam paper

Exam Evaluation Form  Clip 

Engineering Practice Forms

Engineering Practice Forms

Senior Design Forms

CE Evaluation Forms 6a

CE Evaluation Forms 6b

CE Evaluation Forms 6c

EE SD-1 internal Evaluation form for supervisor

EE SD-2 Internal Evaluation form for supervisor

MIE_Senior Design forms

Senior Design Forms [1-5]


CE Manuals,Forms,and Guides 


MU Regulations, Codes, Guides, Forms

code of conduct and public service ethics



Deanship Of Information Technology

E-Portal Privacy Policy

Vice Rector for Educational Affairs


Code of ethics For Faculty

Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research


Scientific Council

Deanship of Admission and Registration

Academic Syatems Catalog


Deanship of Student Affairs

Student,s Code of Ethics




Deanship of Graduate Studies

The Procedural Manual

Regulations of Scholarship and Training

Regulations For Higher studies

Graduate Studies Forms

Scholarships and Training Forms

Deanship of Scientific Research

Scientific Research Bylaws

Scientific Research Ethics Guide

Application Forms

Deanship of Quality and Skills Development


Deanship Of E-Learning and Distance Learning

Rules and Regulations

Deanship of faculty and staff




Follow-up Department


Department of Occupational and Environmental Health

Data Request Form from Renewable Energy Atlas         

Lab Safety Assessment Form 

Environmental Record of Labs   

Form of University Participation in the Development of University Environment