Industrial Engineering


List of Experiment

  1. Plant and Shop Layout
  2. Industrial Safety
  3. Materials Classification and properties
  4. Bench working
  5. Sand casting
  6. Welding
  7. Smithy and forgoing tools and operation
  8. Sheet Metal operation
  9. Metal Cutting
  10. Lathe Machine
  11. Drilling Machine
  12. Shaper, Planer and Slotter
  13. Milling
  14. Grinding Machine
  15. Powder Metallurgy
  16. Injection moulding



List of Experiment

  1. Anthropometric data and analysis
  1. Design of a chair using Ergonomic principles
  1. Estimation of lifting index
  1. Learning Curve
  1. Factory Shop Floor Design for Lighting
  1. Factory Shop Floor Design for noise
  1. Factory Shop Floor Design for wind



List of Experiment

  1. Time study of a given Assembly
  2. Two-handed process chart/operations flow process chart
  3. Variable control chart and process capability index
  4. P chart for fraction defectives
  5. C chart for the number of defectives (constant sample size)
  6. Motion Study
  7. String Diagram
  8. Operating characteristic curves of single sampling attributes plan