Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

I would like to welcome you on the website of the College of Engineering Office for Academic Affairs in Majmaah University. The Academic Affairs Office aims to facilitate the educational process in the college. Also, the Academic Affairs Office pays attention to the academic requirements of the student and the level of quality in ways and means that help to achieve the academic goals of the College of Engineering. These goals are achieved through supporting all committees and units that entrusted with developing and facilitating the academic process, student activities, and community service.

The Academic Affairs Office strives, through teamwork, to contribute to the vision of the college and the university in accordance with the Kingdom's ambitious vision 2030 in building qualified human resources to meet the requirements of the labor market, which can be achieved through sustainable development, enhanced students' values ​​and skills, and improving the education environment that stimulates creativity and innovation in engineering fields. In the College of Engineering, we are proud to obtain accreditation by the ABET for all the college’s departments. Also, the college succeeded in obtaining the national accreditation NCAAA. Through continuous and unlimited support from His Excellency the University President Dr. Khalid bin Saad Al Muqrin and the Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Saleh bin Ahmed Al Dahsh, the college aims to be among the leading colleges in engineering locally and internationally. In the end, I wish you continued success in your educational and practical path, and may Allah help you with your knowledge to serve our generous country.

Dr. Ibrahim Alsaduni

The Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

College of Engineering, Majmaah University


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