Highway Engineering and Asphalt Lab

This lab is prepared to carry out practical experiments on asphalt and other roadway materials needed for training students on various measurements which is compatible with curriculum of academic courses of transportation engineering and asphalt. It plays important role in producing engineering consultations in this aspect for the surrounding community.



Lab Name

Highway Engineering and Asphalt Lab



Outside the main Building (Civil Labs)

Courses Taught  in the Lab

CE381 - CE381– CE311

Skills acquired in the lab

Ability to conduct Asphalt testes

List of Equipment

ASTM Test sieves diameter 8 & 12 inches

Sieve shaker for 8” and 12” diameter

Drying oven, 225 litres , fan-circulated

Electronic balance , 15 kgs 0.1g with hook and basket

Thermometer (IP60C) total immersion, -2 to+80 degree Celsius

Flow meter(dial gauge) BS

Semi-automatic Bitumen penetrometer supplied with automatic Penetration Needle , unverified

Ring and Ball apparatus

Magnetic Stirrer, complete with heater, boss head and clamp


Auto comp 100A. Automatic Marshal Compactor, 220v

Posters show technical specificatios and experimental process are herewith for: 


Marshal Machine 

The Core Test Machine

Los Angeles Machine