It was supported by modern surveying equipment such as the length measuring tools, the digital Theodolite devices, the total station, global positioning system devices (GPS), and the global coordinate systems. Students are trained to use these devices and to produce detailed maps of various types like topographic maps to convert various types of coordinates, various survey procedures, roadway curves planning, alignment projects at field, monitoring the deformations and collapse of structures. It is also used for various surveying procedures, land dividing needed by various community administrations which include private companies, governmental administrations and others.


Lab Name



Place 003-1-24-1

Courses Taught  in the Lab

CE370 – CE371 – CE 372 – CE 498 – Ce 499

Skills acquired in the lab

Surveying measurements

List of Equipment

Measuring Tape (graduated and made of steel)

Steel Pins ( Taping accessories)

Extension Leg Tripod

Dumpy level

Level Rod ( graduated in meters)

Digital Theodolites

Electric Theodolites

Total station with memory card


Level Rods