Department of Electrical Engineering




The department of Electrical Engineering seeks to prepare professional engineers to specialize in the most vital, versatile and fastest growing knowledge disciplines during the last century. The department aims to qualify electrical engineers able to deal with the distinctive disciplines of Electrical Engineering:

1- Electronics and Communication Engineering.

2- Power and Electrical Machinery Engineering.

3- Control and Systems Engineering.

The Department is mainly concerned to provide high capacity engineers in the areas of electrical engineering to work for government institutions and industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other members of the GCC.

The Kingdom has developed most of its infrastructure during the past three decades.In spite of that, there is still rarity in the number of qualified electrical engineers. It is expected that our graduates will contribute to fill the shortage and drive the home land forward technically. The scarcity of qualified engineers with the presence of various   constraints on the kind of engineering jobs available to graduates bind them to train on a wide range of applications of electrical engineering, which are taken into account by the department's programs, and formulated to adapt the particular needs of the Kingdom and other Gulf states, where there are employment opportunities for our graduates.

The mission of the department is to provide high quality of education for undergraduate and postgraduate    students to enable them:

* To participate successfully in professional, technical and administrative projects that are currently required by  public and private sectors.

* Engaging in effective communication on technical and professional matters.

* To provide professionalism expertise necessary to serve the community, and conduct national & international scientific research within the ethical framework of Islam.


Available Programs


1.Power and Electrical Machinery: This program activity is concentrated in two sub-areas:

  • The field of Electrical Power Engineering, a specialty of engineering on generation, transmission, distribution, and exploitation of electrical power.
  • The field of electrical engineering machinery, an engineering specialty which deals with the issue of mutual conversion between electrical energy and mechanical work.

2. Electronics and Communication: This program activity is concentrated in two sub-areas:

  • Electronics engineering covers electronic: components, devices, circuits, systems, and measurements.
  • Communication Engineering deals with signals processing, transmission media, and detection of the  signals. Applications of devices, systems and electronic circuits in various discipline of the electrical   engineering.