Electrical Engineering Department

1- Electrical Engineering Department

Electrical Engineering Department aims to produce graduate electrical engineers specialized in various fields of electrical engineering to meet the challenge of the rapid development in the Kingdom. The Department will prepare a specialized competent engineer to work in electric power stations, sub-stations and high-voltage networks and transformers. Machine Engineer: It will prepare a machines engineer capable of designing, developing and analyzing the performance of generators and electric motors of all kinds and powers and operating and controlling these generators and motors through sophisticated electronic systems. Communication Engineer It will produce a communications engineer who is able to operate, develop and maintain communication systems and signal processing. Electronic Engineer It will produce an electronics engineer able to design and maintain circuits and electronic systems used in the fields of communications and control besides other systems, civil or military. System Engineer In addition, it will produce a systems engineer who can design and manage computer control systems to run industrial processes and several fields. Areas of work available for the graduate of Electrical Engineering Department: 1. Communication field which includes government sectors and ministries, in addition to the various telecommunication companies. 2. Electricity field which includes government sectors and ministries, in addition to related companies. 3. Industrialization field 4. Engineering design field