* Vision.

Providing high quality engineering education that earns students the ability and ability to innovate on the basis of knowledge, in addition to gaining the skill of scientific research in order to serve the profession and society in an ethical and professional *


* Mission

To provide excellent engineering education that is conducive to talent and creativity and based on scientific knowledge, state of the art research, and expertise to serve the community in a professional and ethical manner


* Program Goals: In Program Specifications

Objective 1: Development of critical thinking and the ability to solve engineering problems based on basic knowledge of civil and environmental engineering.

Objective 2: Serving the engineering profession, the industrial sector and the universities within the local community in the Kingdom by providing them with promising leaderships, participating in development and providing the community with knowledge.

Objective 3: Provide strong knowledge bases for students who wish to complete their higher education.

Objective 4: Prepare graduate students to be leaders who communicate effectively with the community through the field of civil and environmental engineering applications