Program History

The College of Engineering (CoE), being one of thirteen colleges at Majmaah University (MU) was established in 2009 to meet the need in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for engineering professionals. CoE currently operates three undergraduate programs running under three academic departments (Electrical Engineering, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and Civil and Environmental Engineering).

The establishment of this civil program came to serve the community and to admit students from different cities and regions around Majmaah University. The CE Program includes general engineering principles and high level of specialized courses in different engineering fields, such as:


§  Structural engineering,

§  Geotechnical engineering,

§  Hydraulics,

§  Surveying,

§  Reinforced concrete,

§  Bridge

§  steel structure, .etc.,


For these reasons, the courses offered by the program include, besides the theoretical and engineering applications, an engineering practice in an industrial companies and engineering organizations that further enhances the qualifications of graduates as a result of the 8 weeks interaction with the engineering implementations on professional basis. Two senior design courses have also been added to give extra knowledge of problem-solving, experimenting, designing, result interpreting and report writing



The CEE department offers only one program, namely, Civil Engineering (CE). There are three tracks: • Structural Engineering (99 graduates as of June 2017) • Surveying and Transportation Engineering (started from spring semester of 2015-16, only one batch of 6 graduates as of June 2017) • Water and Environmental Engineering (Not yet activated).


Program Delivery Modes

The CE Program is offered as a full-time on-campus day-time program which requires165 credit hours (including preparatory year) for graduation. These credit hours are delivered in the form of lectures, tutorials (exercises), and laboratories and 8 weeks of Engineering Practice after passing 119 credit hours of the program. In preparatory year, the students have to pass 29 credit hours then they are admitted to CoE. The PY grades and GPA are included in the students‘record.


Program Locations

The program is regularly offered at the Al-Yahia Complex of Majmaah University (MU) in Al-Majmaah City. Classrooms and Labs are located in the same building. However, three Labs are set outside the main building viz. Hydraulics Lab, Reinforced concrete Lab and Surveying Lab.