Message from the Head of Department

Welcome to the website of the Department of English Language at the College of Education- on of the oldest departments at the university. We hope you find this page useful in providing you with the necessary information you are looking for.

Learning a new language is vital for knowledge sharing among nations. English, in particular, is a language used widely in the entire globe, both as a first or foreign language, and is taught in most universities all over the world.

The Department of English Language offers an undergraduate degree in English language. The study plan is comprehensive and up-to-date and features different tracks including language skills, literature, linguistics, language teaching and translation.

The aim of this plan is to develop students’ skills in language, knowledge and communication and to qualify them to meet the needs of Saudi labor market in different fields, including, but not limited to, education, translation, media etc.

The DEL has a whole host of highly-qualified faculty members who are specialized in linguistics, teaching English and literature. As graduates of renowned universities, our faculty also have a wide experience in research and teaching.  

The department is highly equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as laboratories and smart board which makes the process of teaching effective and more fun.

Head of the Department of English Language

Dr. Ayed al-Anizi