Development and Quality Assurance Committee


Development and Quality Assurance Committee:
-    Dr. Abdul Naeem Al-Aref                   “Chairman”
-    Dr. Buthaina Abdel Shaheed             “Coordinator”
-    Dr. Muhammad Fareed                      “Member”
-    Dr. Usman Shah                                “Member”
-    Dr. Amira Muhammad                        “Member”
-    Ms. Najwa Al Mazrouei                      “Member”


•    Tasks of the Committee:
1.    Set an annual work plan for the unit’s activities.
2.    Spread the culture of quality in the department
3.    Develop an action plan to spread the culture of quality among students, faculty members, and staff
4.    Collect data and information on an ongoing basis about quality activities in the department and document the results in all quality activities
5.    Activate the department’s internal quality assurance system including academic and non-academic activities
6.    Determine the training needs of faculty members and staff and develop training plans with the help of specialists
7.    Conduct workshops for faculty members to introduce them to quality requirements
8.    Coordinate with the college’s departments and admins about quality.
9.    Follow-up on the implementation of decisions related to quality affairs
10.    Discuss quality issues in the department council.
11.    Submit a completion report to the department’s Quality Unit.
12.    Undertake any assigned tasks