Department’s Committees

Department’s Committees

  • Exam Committee
  • Timetable Committee
  • Exam Invigilation Timetable Committee
  • Exam Follow-up Committee  

Academic Advising Committee:

  • Hold open meeting with new students for orientation and advising purposes
  • Guide students to select the suitable courses that fit his/her study plan to earn a degree
  • Help students to overcome any potential difficulties encountering students.
  • Coordinate with students’ academic advisors on how to solve students’ problems.

Student Activity Committee:

  • Supervise the extracurricular activities in the department
  • Set a plan for the committee’s activity during the semester and implement them
  • Prepare regular and final reports about the committee
  • Invite students to join the committee

Study Plans Committee

  • Coordinate with the study plan committee with about any update or improvement of the study plan
  • Study and follow-up the study plans in the department, and change is made if necessary
  • Follow-up courses description, and change is made if necessary
  • Check the availability of textbooks at the college’s library

Timetable Committee:

  • Set a timetable for faculty members
  • Set a timetable for the department
  • Distribute teaching loads based on area of specialization
  • Divide groups if necessary

Quality & Academic Accreditation Committee:

  • Provide proposals and vision to develop the educational process in the department
  • Evaluate study plans regularly and study their suitability for the programs’ goals in the department
  • Assist the development and follow-up of programs and study plans committee in making changes on the plan.
  • Apply quality standards that are approved by the university
  • Apply quality standards in administration and academia to support the educational process
  • Coordinate with the quality committee at the college
  • Prepare surveys required by the Vice-Dean’s Office for Development and Quality
  • Prepare the annual program report and forms required by the program accreditation.