1. Set an annual work plan for the unit’s activities.
2. Conduct various training courses for potential graduates that help them in their search of jobs.
3. Provide consultations to students about job opportunities and help them in making the right decision with the help of experienced faculty members.
4. Inviting graduates to participate in the department’s activities.
5. Participate in graduation ceremonies at the department, college, and university levels.
6. Study the possibility of holding an annual day where it brings together graduates and potential graduate along with institutions and bodies.
7. Update the alumni database to establish a connection between the graduate and the college.
8. Document quarterly and annual statistics, and create files with detail information about the graduate.
9. Create a website for the unit through the college website.
10. Seek graduates' opinion about the extent of their satisfaction with the outcomes of the education and the services provided by the college.
11. Engage graduates in courses, seminars and workshops through continuous training programs.
12. Invite graduates to the college events.