The Tasks of the College of Education's Council

Article Thirty-Four of the Law of the Council of Higher Education and Universities stipulates the following:

The college or institute council has the authority to consider matters related to the college or institute, and in particular:

1. Propose the recruitment of faculty members and teaching assistants and lecturers including their secondment and promotion.

2. Propose or modify study plans in coordination with departments.

3. Propose a curriculum, textbooks and references at the college.

4. Support scientific research and coordinate with the departments of the college to be published.

5. Propose exams data and set proper regulations accordingly.

6. Propose the college's internal regulation.

7. Propose the necessary training and scholarship plans.

8. Propose extracurricular activity plan at the College.

9. Settle students' matter that fall within its power or refer them to the Council of the university otherwise.

10-Review the issues referred by the University Council or the Rector or Vice Rector