Scientific Committee


Scientific Committee:
-    Dr. Zaha Al-Anazi                          “Chairman”
-    Dr. Khaled Al-Salem                      “Coordinator”
-    Dr. Enas Fawzi                             “Member”
-    Dr. Majid Abahusain                       “Member”
-    Dr. Muhammad Al-Harbi                 "Member"
-    Dr. Ayed Al-Anazi                           “Member”
-    Dr. Asma Al-Khunaiz                     “member”


•    Tasks of the Committee :
1.    Set an annual work plan for the unit’s activities.
2.    Write scientific reports on faculty member promotions.
3.    Evaluate the scientific production of faculty applying for promotions.
4.    Conducting interviews for applicants for the position of teaching assistant at the department.
5.    Provide the necessary support to all teaching assistants and lecturers:
6.    Provide recommendations related to scholarship issues.
7.    Follow up on scholarship-students’ affairs.
8.    Submit a completion report to the department’s Quality Unit.
9.    Undertake any assigned tasks