Graduate Studies Committee


Graduate Studies Committee:
-    Dr. Majed Al-Harbi                             “Chairman”
-    Dr. Atef Odeh                                    “coordinator”
-    Dr. Zaha Al-Anazi                              "Member"
-    Dr. Abeer Al-Harbi                              "Member"
-    Dr. Ayed Al-Anazi                                “Member”
-    Dr. Sami Hussein                               “Member”
-    Ms. Enas Fawzi                               “Member”


•    Tasks of the Committee :
1-    Set an annual work plan for the unit’s activities.
2-    Revise the recommended changes to programs or their courses.
3-    Suggest recommendations for teaching and evaluating the program as well as and teaching and learning strategies.
4-    Set criteria for admission and screening candidates.
5-    Follow up on the registration of postgraduate students.
6-    Follow up and discuss theses writing steps
7-    Form committees to discuss master’s theses.
8-    Implement the standards of theses supervision
9-    Submit a completion report to the department’s Quality Unit.
10-    Undertake any assigned tasks