1. Provide technical support and scientific consultations to faculty members and university units in the field of measurement and evaluation
2. Develop and update measurement and evaluation methods.
3. Design standards for achievement measurement and evaluation.
4. Publish scientific research in the field of measurement and evaluation.
5. Implement the regulations and rules of examination regulations for the university level.
6. Form final examination committees in coordination with academic departments.
7. Improve the quality of evaluation through the quality of tests
8. Prepare ban and graduates lists.
9. Help students with their problems with study timetables and tests.
10. Communicate with faculty members to collect a backup copy of test questions for each group.
11. Prepare lists of invigilators’ names and announce them to members.
12. Daily monitor of the progress of final exams during the exam period, and write a daily report.
13. Write a report on the results of the final exams and submit it to the Vice-Dean of the College for Educational Affairs and Development.
14. Set the necessary standards to prepare study plans and programs in accordance with the standards of the National Authority for Evaluation and Academic Accreditation.
15. Study and evaluate study plans in accordance with standards, controls and mechanisms. 
16. Improve study plans and programs and help academic departments to improve their study plans.
17. Raise the efficiency of staff in the field of study plans and programs.
18. Follow-up the work and activities of study plan committees in departments and colleges for improvement purposes.