Message from the Vice-Dean

د. علي الدخيل


The Vice-Dean's Office for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research at the College of Education along with its units: the Postgraduate Studies Unit, the Scientific Research Unit, the Scientific Affairs Unit, and the Community Service Unit aspires to advance the scientific departments in the field of postgraduate studies by introducing quality programs that serve the local community and meet the growing need of the labor market. We also strive to encourage faculty members in the field of scientific research by conducting training programs and providing fund for publishing in refereed scientific journals locally and internationally. The Vice-Dean's Office has a plan to serve the local community by providing quality community programs that serve all segments of society. We also strive to hold seminars and conferences and engage in scientific programs.

The Vice-Dean's Office is also responsible for following up and complete the administrative procedures related to promotions and appointments for faculty members and the like, helping teaching assistants and lecturers before scholarship (e.g. how to submit a proposal, choose the best university) during the scholarship (e.g. continuous follow-up of academic progress  and after scholarship ( e.g. completing all administrative procedures to report to work, academic promotion)


Dr. Ali Al-Dakhil

Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research