Message from the Head


د. خالد العفيصان

The Department of Educational Sciences is one of the most important departments in the College of Education and subsumes important majors including curricula and teaching methods, psychology, educational technology, pedagogical principles, educational administration, and planning.

In addition to teaching courses, the department supervises the general educational courses and the field training for students who are interested in working in different educational environments.

Given the fact that modern education depends heavily on research and requires loads of work such as pre-planning the lesson, using appropriate technology to present and communicate information in a faster, more attractive, and efficient manner, assessing the outcomes of the lesson, taking into account the psychological and cultural differences among learners, teachers' role becomes more vital and need to be professional to achieve satisfactory educational outcomes. Here lies the importance of the department which has a group of qualified faculty members to teach and train learners who are expected to achieve the Ministry of Education's goals.



Dr. Khalid Al-Ofaisan

Head of the Department of Educational Sciences