Vission & Mission

To excel in preparing highly efficient experts in education in the field of mathematics and its applications that serve the community and individuals.

The Mathematics Department seeks to prepare competent and highly qualified educational, professional and research cadres through outstanding educational programs coping with the development of technology and knowledge in congruence with the benchmarks of quality.


 * Preparation of highly qualified cadres in mathematics in consistence with quality and academic accreditation standards.

 * Development of student creative abilities and training students to use the scientific thinking in problem solving.

 * Linking mathematics to the social industrial and productive institutions.

 * Using modern technology and smart ways of education in addition to providing different methods in education and research in keeping up with the development in technology and education.

 * Promoting research programs and participating in the scientific conferences, seminars, training courses and workshops.

 * Consolidating closer ties between the disciplines in the mathematics section and similar sections in Saudi universities and scientific bodies.