The Department includes several committees, and each one has its tasks, objectives and duties, which are distributed as follows

Academic Counseling Committee: The primary objectives of this committee are as follows: firstly, to provide outstanding counseling services that help the students to know the learning system in the Department, secondly, to develop the students’ skills in dealing with various academic difficulties, thirdly, increasing their awareness of their academic responsibilities, and fourthly, strengthening their capacity to make appropriate and academically beneficial decisions

Student Activities Committee: It’s tasked with developing an implementation and operational plan for extracurricular activities of the Department and to follow-up its implementation, and to prepare a report for each activity and encourage the Department students to participate in it

Committee of Quality at the Department: It consists of most members of the Department and headed by the Quality coordinator. The primary objectives of the Committee are to meet the National Commission for Academic Accreditation’s criteria and to act and work in accordance with its regulations and instructions

Committee of Plans and Educational Programs at the Department: The tasks of this committee are to consider the mathematics program in terms of amendment and development to qualify it for academic accreditation, and to periodically examine the program plan and specifications in addition to the curriculum’s specifications in order to establish a set of priorities for improvement

Committee of Equation: The primary objective of this committee is to make an equation for transferred students to the Department, whether from other departments within the Faculty or from other faculties at Majmaah University or outside transference from any other university

Committee of Tests Measurement and Evaluation: Tasks: - The organization and documentation of all exams preparation at the department. - The development of evaluation methods in order to improve the efficiency of the learning outcomes of the Department. - Examining the quality of all tests, formal and otherwise. - Measuring learning outcomes in basic skills and capabilities through methods of evaluation in accordance to the description of the programs. - Preparing the test quality measurement report of the Department every semester, which illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of the evaluation processes in the programs

Committee of Schedules: The primary objectives of this committee are; working on the preparation of schedules and students’ time tables at the Department, and preparing final exams and exams committees’ schedules as well as the follow-up of tests supervisors and reporting any weaknesses or inability to cover all duties

Disciplinary Committee: Follow-up of Department students and examining received cases regarding any violation of rules and regulations (behavioral, moral or academical), and it is responsible for secretly informing the involved students of the committee’s decisions concerning them

Committee of Student Support: Providing support for students by increasing their awareness and understanding of their academic responsibilities as well as encouraging them to put more effort in solving their academic and personal problems (social or psychological) that stand in their way in achieving their educational goals

Graduates Committee: The primary objectives of this committee are: - Preparing a database of the Department’s graduates. - To stay in touch with the students after they graduate. - Preparing a graduates guide