about the department

Overview of the Department of Mathematics

The College of Education (Female Section) in Majmaah was established in 1408 as a two-year college by a decree from the General Director of Girls Education in the Kingdom with four departments: Arabic Language, English Language, Mathematics and Home Economics. Then the college developed into four-year College that awards the bachelor degree in 1415. New departments were opened in the college in the following years including the Biology Department in 1417, the Department of Islamic Studies in 1418 and the Computer Science Department in 1423 along with the Department of Education Science. Under the royal decree of King Abdullah Abdul Aziz, Prime minister and Head of Higher Education Council in the Kingdom in August 24, 2009, Majmaah University was established, and the College of Education for girls has been included and renamed “the College of Education”. The establishment came to assume the effective role of supporting the community and contribute to the development of the city. The Mathematics Department developed from the annual system to the level system in the first term of the academic year 1432/1433 where students need to study eight levels to graduate. The first level-system class will graduate at the end of the second semester of the academic year1435/1436.