Rabi Al-Awaal 1442
23 October 2020

Unit of Plans and Study Programs

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 *  Develop the specifications and required standards in the preparation of plans and study programs, in line with the standards of the National Commission for Assessment and Academic Accreditation.

 *  Study the plans in the college and assess them in accordance with the standards, controls, and mechanisms, as well as the recommendation for adoption. Development of plans and study programs, and supporting the academic department to access study plans with high-quality .

 *  Academic cooperation with various departments counterpart in the universities locally, regionally and globally within an official and certified mechanism to achieve the quality in building plans and academic programs.

 *  Raise the efficiency of personnel who is working in the field of plans and study programs. Continuous follow-up of the works of Committees of Study Plans in the departments, and their activities for the purposes of evaluation and improvement, as well as providing the means and necessary capabilities for them in coordination with the University's Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs (Standing Committee for Study Plans).

 *  Follow-up the developments in plans and study programs at the level of universities locally and globally. Coordination with the relevant authorities to organize workshops and training courses in the area of plans and study programs.

 *  Preparations for the meeting of the Unit, as well as the preparation of its reports.

 *  Organization of questionnaires, and the dissemination of relevant publications.

 *  Recourse of specialist editors for language and technical editing of plans, and unify the general appearance of plans.