Deanship of Admission and Registration


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The Admissions Department is responsible to ensure that applicants have met the colleges and departments’ requirements. Part of its responsibility is also to deal with students’ request such as transfer from another university, visit to study courses, change of major.
The Registration Department is responsible to set a plan prior each semester in coordination with the academic departments. This plan includes setting and changing timetables, calculating students’ GPA, and dealing with the academic portal to receive drop requests.
The Stipends Department is responsible for banking stipends into students’ accounts. People with special needs also receive monthly stipend. Rewards are also paid to students who excel academically.
Scholarships for non-Saudi
The Scholarships Department is responsible for the admission process of non-Saudi scholarship students who wish to study at Majmaah University. Students who are eligible to apply are either those who reside legally in the Kingdom or those who live overseas.
Documents and graduates
The Documents and Graduate Affairs Department is responsible for preparing all documents that potential graduates may need in the future.
Student services
The Student Services Department is responsible for printing academic records and statement letters as well as issuing university cards answering students’ inquires via the registry system, WhatsApp, and the Tawasul system.
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