Deanship of Information Technology and E-Learning

Message from the Dean

Since its inception, MU always sets about providing excellent services to beneficiaries. With that in mind, the Deanship of Information Technology and E-Learning is seen as an active player in automating the university operations and all their related technical support and development to achieve the university’s goals of digital transformation in accordance with the Kingdom’s vision.

The Deanship also provides e-learning systems and set up educational labs to engage students in learning and help them to improve their skills.

Prof. Khalid Al-Mudaibri

Dean of Information Technology and E-Learning


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To create a smart digital system that is based on high quality infrastructure in accordance with the best international standards in e-learning.
To provide integrated tech solutions and technical support services to academic, research and administrative sectors in accordance with the latest international standards.
1. Provide Internet service to all university units.
2. Build and develop electronic systems for all university units.
3. Contribute to achieving the university’s goal of digital transformation.
4. Provide electronic services to beneficiaries in all university units.
5. Set up educational laboratories and facilities for university colleges.
6. Design electronic courses and supervise the educational process in coordination with the relevant departments.
7. Providing educational systems and programs.