About MU

Majmaah University (MU) is a public university founded to provide a whole host of educational, research and community services to students living within the university’s geographical area. The university was established based on the approval of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud - Prime Minister and Chairman of the Council of Higher Education on the 3rd of Ramadan 1430 AH corresponding to August 24, 2009 along with three other universities in Dammam, Al-Kharj and Shaqra Governorates. MU comprises nine existing colleges and three other colleges under construction to servce a number of governorates and centers including: Majmaah, Zulfi, Ghat, Ramah, and Hawtat Sudair Center.

MU has helped in meeting the needs of the growing number of high school graduates, has brought about social and psychological stability for the people in the region, and has eased the burden on universities in large cities. The university has also created scientific and cultural movement to the local community, while working on serving the community in social, awareness, educational and training fields.

Since its establishment, MU has overcome big challenges and set strategic goals in different fields, taking into account the regular improvement procedures for its practices and organizational structures. A whole host of remarkable achievements were achieved at the academic level along with several awards locally, regionally and internationally.

Being the first university among its counterparts in e-transactions transformation is a milestone in the university’s history. This is coupled with winning advance places for inventions at the local and international levels. The university has also obtained the institutional academic accreditation, and many academic programs achieved the accreditation which contributed in improving the university’s ranking in research.