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College Forms

Unit/Committee (Code)Form NameForm No: X /-May-17/ V 1.0DownloadDownload

Academic Advising Unit(AA)

Student Registration Form AA-1
Student Enrollment Form AA-2
Student Study Plan AA-3
Program Selection Form AA-4
Add/Drop/ Withdraw Form AA-5
Student Academic Advising Form AA-6
IT Track Selection Form AA-7
CS Track Selection Form AA-8
Enrollment Survey Form AA-9
Group Advising Form AA-10
Non-progressive Student Recovery Form AA-11
Academic Development Unit(AD) Course Evaluation Form : Instructor  AD-1
Course Evaluation Form: Student AD-2
Course Evaluation Form Compiled AD-3
Course Evaluation Form: Convener AD-4
Faculty Clearance Form AD-5

College Bulletin Supervisory Committee

Discipline Committee

College Disciplinary Committee Transfer Form

College  Disciplinary Decision Form DC-2
Student Notification Letter Form DC-3
Witness Hearing Minutes Form DC-4
Acknowledgement of Infraction DC-5
Administrative Investigation Minutes DC-6
Authorization to Use Camera Imbedded Devices DC-7
Mobile Submission Report DC-8
Infraction Report DC-9
Committee Meeting Minutes DC-10
Mobile Reception Report DC-11
E learning and Learning Technology Unit E-Learning Technical Problem Notification EL-1
E-Learning Custody Submission Form EL-2
E-Learning D2L Technical Problem Form EL-3
Online Classes Excuse Form EL-4
Examination  Unit Exam Time Change Form EU-1
Exam Timetable Conflict Form EU-2
Delivery of  Exam paper in Exam Hall EU-3
Receiving Answer Sheets EU-4
Delivery Answer Sheets EU-5
Student absent form EU-6
Receiving Exam Paper EU-7
Innovation Unit Creative Proposal Form Download IU-1
Registration Form for Students IU-2
Innovation Center Reservation Form IU-3
Innovation follow-up Form IU-4
IT Unit

Technical Support Maintenance

News Publishing Request IT-2
Conference Room Booking IT-3
Website Survey IT-4
Teaching Unit Survey IT-5
Lab Unit Lab Information Form LU-1
Service Request Form LU-2
Lab Request Form LU-3
Equipment Request Form LU-4
Measurement and Evaluation Unit Graduation Project Survey - CS ME-1
Graduation Project Survey - IT ME-2
Internship Survey-CS  
Internship Survey-IT ME-3
Exit Survey-CS ME-4
Exit Survey-IT ME-5
Student Outcome  SURVEY FORM ME-6
Course Learning outcome FORM ME-7
Quality and Accreditation Unit Certification QU-1
Checklist QU-2
Course Report-CS - Version 8 QU-3
Course Report-IT - Version 8 QU-4
Course Specification - Sample QU-5
Course Syllabus - Sample QU-6
Cover Page - Template QU-7
Results Stats QU-8
SO Mapping - Sample QU-9
Program Specifications V2017 QU-10
Annual Program Report V2017 QU-11
Course Specifications V2017 QU-12
Course Report V2017 QU-13
Field Experience Specification V2017 QU-14
Field Experience Report V2017 QU-15
Self-Study Report for Programs V2017 QU-16
Registration & Time table committee   RT-1
Research Committee(RC) Exit Survey-CS RC-1
Exit Survey-IT RC-2
Graduation Project Survey - CS RC-3
Graduation Project Survey - IT RC-4
Internship Survery-CS RC-5
Internship Survery-IT RC-6
Publication Approval Form RC-7
Scholarship Unit   SU-1
Students Activities Unit Committee Meeting Minutes form SA-1
Student Activities form SA-2
Statistics Unit   ST-1
Summer Training Unit   SM-1